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2016 After Season Meeting!
The end of the year coaches meeting is August 2nd at 7:00 pm Room 209 of the MTEC (Welcome Center) at SC4. Please come to help your league get better.
Fall coaches meeting is Tuesday August 12th at 7pm, SCCCC, Room 150 of the MTEC Bldg.
2016 All Star Game Results
The All-Star night was filled with fun and fellowship as Team 1 dominated all 3 games. The A League game had a score of 12 to 4 with #5 Corey Wargo (CC) and # 24 Dave Cox (CWA) earning MVP. The C League game was exciting as the close score was finalized at 11 to 9 with #13 Wesley Davey (GMC) and #24 Benny George (JLM) grabbing the MVP status. The final game was B League which was tied in the 4th at 8 to 8 until the levee broke and the final score was 27 to 9. #17 James McGrath (ROB) and #21

Yesterday's Results
C League
6:00B217Jesus Lighthouse @ Community Baptist9
6:00B10Grace Ministry @ Westminster Presbyterian 0

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