League Officers
Michigan ASA
2015 ASA Official Team Roster
Parent & Athlete Concussion Statment Policy Form
Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents
Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches
BWCSB Player Contract
2015 League Constitution
Letter From The President
Coaches Meeting at SC4 - MTEC Building Room 209 - 7:00 PM
May 5th is the next coaches meeting
Fall coaches meeting is Tuesday August 12th at 7pm, SCCCC, Room 150 of the MTEC Bldg.
Preseason Scrimmages
If you are interested in scrimmaging please send your practice schedules to Lester and check the Facebook page! ---Lester Killion
Deadline for League Forms May 8th
All coaches need to personally to scan/e-mail the following completed forms to Larry Wede by May 8th to wedel@dunnpaper.com. BWCSB Player Contract; Concussion Policy Sheet; ASA Team roster

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