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"We will be taking All-Star player picks at any time from now until July 4th weekend please. A League sends 4 players per team and B and C will send 3 per team. Please text, email or Facebook them to Lester Killion? at anytime!"
Fall coaches meeting is Tuesday August 12th at 7pm, SCCCC, Room 150 of the MTEC Bldg.

Yesterday's Results
C League
6:00B20Westminster Presbyterian @ Blue Water Free Methodist0
6:00B10Community Baptist @ Ross Bible0
7:20B10Griswold Street Baptist @ Grace Ministry0
7:20B20Community of Christ @ Jesus Lighthouse0

Today's Games
A League
6:00FG50Colonial Woods Angels @ The River0
B League
7:20FG50First Nazarene @ New Covenant Grey0

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