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Fall Coaches Meeting!!!
"Falll coach's meeting is August 4 at 7:00 room 209 MTEC on SC4 campus. Please bring your comments and questions about this season. Please ignore the August 12 announcement."
Fall coaches meeting is Tuesday August 12th at 7pm, SCCCC, Room 150 of the MTEC Bldg.
C League Champs!
Ross Bible has won the C League division with a 16-3 win over Jesus Lighthouse. Congratulations!
All Star Games Results
All-Star weekend had a lot of excitement. Team 1 came from behind to win in the C League game 18-10 with Jeff Giles (COC) and David Pyche (ROB) earning the MVP honors. B League added to the excitement with a walk off come from behind win for Team 2 over Team 1 17-16 and Darin Lapinski (RCC) and Jim Mazur (HCC) taking MVP honors. Team 2 could not overcome the 6th inning rally from Team 1 in the A League division for a final score of 18-12 with Dave Cox (CWA) and Marty Redlawsk (CWC) bringing h
Revised Playoff Schedules
A & B League revised playoff schedules are now posted!

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